Creative Chef


Finger Buffet

There are no restrictions with the Passion8 buffet range, it includes a selection of sandwiches, wraps and snacks from around the globe meaning it is an ideal choice for office meetings, networking events and family gatherings. Our extensive menus provides customers with a great selection to fit any occasion.

  • Traditional Finger Buffet
    (Minimum 25 people)
    A selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages,
    vegetarian quiche, lightly spiced chicken pieces, crudities,
    nachos & dips

    Modern Finger Buffet
    (Minimum 25 people)
    Selection of wraps & sandwiches, mini vegetarian tartlet selection,
    chicken tandoori skewers, salmon teriyaki skewers, & breaded prawns

    Around the World Finger Buffet
    (Minimum 25 people)
    (ATW working lunch plus)
    vegetable samosas & spring rolls, jerk chicken skewers, Japanese
    breaded prawns & salmon tandoori skewers

  • Traditional Working Lunch
    A selection of sandwiches with a packet of crisps and a piece
    of whole fruit

    Modern Working Lunch
    A selection of wholemeal & white wraps, tortilla chips with a salsa
    dip and a cut fruit platter

    Around the World Working Lunch
    (Minimum 25 people)
    Chicken tikka on wholemeal wraps, roasted lamb and riata wraps,
    onion bhaji crunch wraps, cheese ploughman’s sandwiches,
    salmon and rocket mediterranean wrap, tuna Mexican sandwiches,
    mini poppadums’ with mango & riata dips

  • Meat Items

    Add scotch eggs, sausage rolls & pork pies

    Add lemon & herb chicken pieces

    Add chargrilled chicken skewers

    Add chicken samosas

    Fish Items

    Lemon sole & cracked pepper goujons with a lemon aioli

    Seafood money bags with a sweet chilli dip

    Salmon goujons with a pesto dip

    Aromatic chilli & lime tiger prawn skewers

  • Vegetarian Items

    Vegetable samosas, onion bhajis & spring rolls

    Vegetable tempura with a saffron aioli

    Vegetarian mini bouchees selection

    Stilton & baby leek tartlet

    Bruschetta with cherry tomato, red onion & basil or mushroom
    mascarpone & dill

    Falafel, sweetcorn & pepper fritters with a cucumber & mint dip

  • Something Sweet
  • Sweet platters for 10 people:

    Lemon drizzle, Madeira & chocolate cake £9.50 | Fruit kebabs with a honey & yoghurt dip £20.00
    Danishes, flapjacks and muffins £25.00 | Cut fruit platter £17.50 | Fresh cream cakes £22.50 | Mini French-style pastries £27.95