Creative Chef



Why I formed Passion8:

After many years of catering at events and being led by event management teams I believed that I could create a one stop shop and control the event from beginning to the end, where we personally tend to all our clients’ needs.

For me it’s all about the creativity and the passion. With my team of highly skilled and talented individuals led by Rochelle Mills and Claudia Marin, who were both head-hunted to spearhead this venture, we bring tireless passion and commitment to ensure every event is a roaring success. I am truly proud to have every member in our team.

Mark on Rochelle Mills: Business Development Manager:

“Rochelle is a vital part of our business. Her passion, skill and steely determination have a big impact on the success of our business and I am delighted that she is part of our team. Through her commitment to cover every aspect she has earned the utmost respect from our loyal clients.”

Rochelle: “I am responsible for delivering exemplary events within London and the Home Counties at prestigious venues. I am focused on keeping my finger on the pulse to ensure we are innovative, imaginative, well-balanced, and always exceeding client expectations in a constantly changing industry. It is important for me to do this while continuing to motivate and nurture the talent within my team.

Dylan Harding: Event Manager

I work with the most amazing events team in some of the best venues the South East has to offer. Each event has its own individual challenges, which affects how we operate. We cater for a cross section of events, from formal dinners to the more relaxed private parties and weddings, and I thrive off the variety.

Our conference and exhibitions are planned to perfection with great input from the client and my team, leading up-to the event we become family, it’s all in the preparation beforehand. If you have covered every eventuality, events will run smoothly. Preparation includes the briefing of my team and my client, to ensure everyone knows what I expect of them and what our client needs from us.

“Can do, will do” is my attitude.